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You can use WeTransfer or other approved file sharing services

Type a message in WeTransfer or send a e-mail

Get feedback on your music

Lars will get back to you with a confirmation email.

We will schedule a session and you will get a mix check free of charge

Your master is done

When the master is done, you will receive a download link.

When your are satisfied with the master, we will send you a, invoice


Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions

Should I use dither on my mixdown2018-08-24T12:10:25+00:00

I will try to make this short.

90 % of the time, you don’t have to use dither for at mixdown. Only use dither if you are changing the bit depth(and why would you do that?). If you for some reason have to use dither, then use a flat dither.

And the stereo format?2018-08-24T12:10:20+00:00

Interleaved = 1 file for a stereo track

Don’t use split stereo. Split makes two files for one stereo track- one for the left channel and one for the right channel. We don’t need that.

What about bit dept?2018-08-24T12:03:29+00:00

24bit or 32 bit float

Which sample rate should I send?2018-08-24T11:59:44+00:00

The short answer:
Use the projekt sample rate – no up og down sampling!

The long answer:

Which file format should I send2018-08-24T11:56:42+00:00

The short answer:

The long answer:
WAW, AIFF ore other PCM files.

I don’t recommend using lossy formats like MP3 & AAC, because of the bad sound quality.

Lossless formats like FLAC would work, but are not recommended, because I would need to make some extra conversion (to PCM).

How can i pay?2018-08-21T10:43:37+00:00

After you af approved the master, you will get an invoice. In the invoice there are a link for online payment using VISA or Mastercard.

Alternative you can use PayPal.

Bank Transfers are accepted on bigger projects.

How long does it take before I get my final master?2018-08-21T10:39:06+00:00

9 out of 10 masters are finished in less than one week. At busy times it may take up to 14 days.

If you have a tight deadline, you can get an express service on singels, without an additional fee!


How can I send you my mix files?2018-08-21T10:10:04+00:00

We recommend using WeTransfer.com .

What are the specifications for the mix files?2018-08-21T09:47:30+00:00

24 bit WAV (or higher)

Keep the project sample rate – no up or down sampling

Do not clip or limit the mix