What is Mastering?

by Lars Tirsbæk   •   7. aug – 2018

What is mastering?

Mastering is the last, creative change of the sound, in a music production, before it is released. Mastering is the last chance to improve the product so that it forfills the wishes of the artist, record company and/or producers. This is achieved by a mastering engineer, that are processing the music (and sound), in a suitable mastering studio. The task of the mastering engineer is to use his trained ears to make the aesthetic and technical choices, that are necessary to achieve a satisfying result. Sometimes it means that the mastering technician has to do (almost)nothing , sometimes he needs to use very complex processes.

In addition to working with the sound, mastering is also the last quality check before release. This means that the mastering engineer is responsible for, that there are no error in the sound and that the sound quality is as expected.

How does it work?

When I’m doing mastering, there are a number of auditive areas that I pay particular attention to. These are as follows

  • Frequency

  • Dynamics

  • Style

  • Stereo balance

  • Loudness optimization

  • Sequencing

In future blog posts I will try to explain a little more about the individual topics the mastering engineer works with. Mastering is very complex and the auditory problems can be very different, so the methods used, are also very varied. There will therefore be topics, in the upcoming blogs, which are described very generally.

Look forward to reading more about working with frequency, dynamics, loudness and much more.

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